And what about LED based skin rejuvenation?

LED therapy has become one of the most used solutions for skin rejuvenation treatments since it has painless and fast results paired up with minimal risks and side effects. It has also been one of the most scientifically tested tools and, so far it has passed every single test with flying colors which is why we have decided to incorporate the Multi-shape machine in our roster of products, a machine that includes the LED tool in a bundle with other safe and highly effective technologies such as motorized rollers, infrared, Bi-Polar radio frequency (RF) and Vacuum. All of these, used together, ensures effective and safe treatment for the patient.

By treating an area with streams of LED light aimed deep into the skin, the cellular movement of human cells creating adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is increased which helps accelerate the collagen and elastin production dramatically and, in turn, your skin will have better tone and elasticity and also removes the bacteria that causes acne by closing dead pores on the skin.

In addition to all these positive effects, Multi-shape increases the scope of the treatment results by adding other effects to the treated area which improves the results as, for example, the use of vacuum which allows to accurately aim at the target area, bi-polar radio frequency which heats tissue up at a deeper level and motorized rollers which help circulation and lymphatic drainage of the treated area.

Because of all the different skin ailments that can be treated with this technology, it’s always best to seek professional counsel with a skin specialist or a dermatologist so your skin can be properly diagnosed and the extent of the treatment can be accurately determined for better results. Also, it’s highly recommended to cleanse your skin prior to treatment to increase its effectiveness.

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