As of today, the diode laser for hair removal has been a standard technology, very effective with visible results in just a few treatments, but did you know that the diode laser technology that you actually know its now old?.   The standard Diode lasers use what is called “Stacked diode lamps”, this means that the plates that power the laser (lamp) are precisely “stacked” this technology is been used for years and is pretty effective, lifespan on the good lamps could be 10 Million pulses,  but this lamps overheat very easily and usually are heavy to the arm of the operator since they are installed inside the hand piece of the machine, making them heavy, hot, and prone to damage by accidental falls -have you’ve heard of someone that dropped a diode laser hand piece had to pay no less than seven to fifteen thousand dollars for the replacement?.- . but all these issues are not an issue anymore, there is a newer technology for diode laser based on fiber optics, instead of old stacked diodes now the diode laser generators are in a different sealed box that transmits the light through fibers optics to the skin, some of the BIG benefits you will find with this technology are the laser lamps location: on this new machines the laser lamps are not located inside the hand piece but in the main body of the machine, so the heat is concentrated inside the core and not in the hand, cooling systems work less to disperse that heat so the lasers are more durable (50 Million Pulses, actually 5 times more than the best standard diodes).


Lighter hand piece: since the lamps are not inside this part anymore, the operator gets to manage a light, low temperature piece which contact cooling tip that rarely heats up, giving the user hours and hours of comfortable treatments and to the patients awesomely painless and comfy sessions. On top of that this technology make the beam of light more focused (colimated light) what assures the most effective treatment in the shorter time possible by eliminating the waste of energy on areas that are not in need of treatment.


Besides these factors, there are other advantages to the use of fiber coupled diode lasers (also known as fiber-integrated diode laser):


– The energy emission from the laser has a circular, well defined area with evenly distributed intensity ensuring that there are no areas less treated than others and making the machine as efficient as the handler is with the treatment application, leaving chance out of the equation by removing the potential randomness of the machine’s performance with the pulse delivery.- By using a separate component for the laser’s diode pulse focusing, maintanance becomes easier, quicker and cheaper since faulty or worn out components can be removed and changes without the need to take out an integrated component that’s in working state.
– Since the focus point resides in a separate component the diode can be replaced without changing the pulse alignment.
– It allows smaller and more compact machine designs or leaves more room for more complex cooling systems since it requires less space.
– Fiber-coupled devices can be easily combined with other fiber-optic components.
For all of the above we may say that fiber coupled diode lasers are extremely convenient, more efficient and give better results than their regular counterparts and should be on your list when shopping for a new hair removal machine.