“A good way to start a new year is with new machines and new technologies”… Kinda sounds like little more than a sales pitch and most of the time it is, but there’s a reason why it’s so effective. At the end of the year most people and businesses think on what use they’ll give to that extra income, and pretty much everyone is thinking about getting that sweet “something” that they’ve been wanting all year long, that new car, new clothes, big gifts , travels, etc., but among those people there are savvy business men and women who see this as an opportunity to make an investment that will make the business grow, increase earnings, be more competitive and even help in your tax filing of the year.

New businesses will want cheaper machines to start but with good quality and from brands with a good enough reputation and old businesses would like to upgrade their machines, there are a lot of specials where you can trade in your old machine, or buy a new one with many convenient holiday specials.  Whatever your case is, this could be your new year’s resolution; to start fresh and new!
And for those who still think “why change my old machine”, phrases as “looking at the big picture” or “thinking in the long-run” come into play for a couple of reasons:

– A new machine also means a fresh new warranty to offer coverage and also a decrease in the possibility of a machine going bust out of regular use.

– Newer machines are easier to get parts for and to maintain.

– Usually, new machines include a myriad of characteristics that older models don’t come with, which tend to save money, time or both. Also, being able to offer a wider range of treatments or the same old ones but in faster times and with safer procedures makes it easier to catch new customers.

– A flashy new machine tends to give customers that “it’s worth the money” feeling since they feel that the business is investing in them as much as they are in their treatments and sessions.

So, yes, in conclusion, the “start your new year with a new machine” line is most certainly a sales pitch, but one that makes a lot of sense if you think about it.