The use of diode laser for hair removal is recomended when the hair is thick and dark and the skin phototype is high (from IV onwards). This does not mean that it can’t be used on lower phototypes… it can be used and the results will be excelent but it’s safer for darker skins.

Diode lasers have more penetration than alexandrite lasers because of it’s longer wavelength which makes it better to use when the hair is deep. Also, because of the handpiece structure, pressure is applied while treating with it and this reduces the dermis thickness and lets the laser be applied closer still to the target which optimizes it’s effectiveness.

Aside from the fact that it’s the safest option, you should factor in the fact that the treatment itself is fast and can be used on small areas at a time allowing you to squeeze in your busy day at least a quick session.

So, you diode lasers are a great and safe option to use on any skin type as long as the hair to be removed is dark and thick and even better if you’re on a tight schedule since you’ll be able to not fall behind on your treatments as long as you can gather a couple of minutes a day for it’s application.