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Helene Clemenza

Cloud9 Skin Care Salon
Cloud9 Skin Care Salon “I purchased the Dualmax IPL last year. I love using this machine it is safe, easy and comfortable to use. The pulses are much quicker than other IPL's I researched, which happens to benefit me with my booked schedule. The software is user friendly. The IPL comes with 2 handpieces-Larger and smaller spot size. The results are fantastic and my clients love this treatment better than the IPL I used previously...less painful. Oh, and did I mention Fast!!! Olek and the staff are helpful and available in an instant.”

Maritza Pantoja

Laser UP
New York "I have the Dermaplus IPL machine and it's lovely, i work like crazy with the machine, the life of the handle is very good, they have a nice replacement plan affordable, very easy to use and safe. Highly recommended for starters or ongoing businesses."

Svetlana Rubina

Energy Zone Wellness Center
Cliffside Park, NJ “I bought the Diode laser 810nm Diomax Evolve (fiber coupled) from Supramedical and i can say that the laser is super high performance and the results are awesome! you can tell the difference between this laser and the traditional diode. Also I’m very impressed with the post-sale service that the company provides, I had a little issue with the hand piece and just call them and technical support came to our clinic right away and fixed it super fast! So i’m very happy with the overall and recommend this company and the machine very seriously!“

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