Diomax Evolve: The most advanced Diode Laser System for hair removal.

This is the latest and more exclusive technology in diode laser systems for hair removal, its technology is based in Fiber optics instead of the old traditional stack diodes. This machine has plenty of benefits that overpass the traditional systems, you’ll get much more durability, much less maintenance, and much more effectiveness.

Diomax Evolve, is the 1st Fiber Coupled Diode Laser for Depilation. When you look closely into this technology features you’ll see a lot of huge benefits that really differentiate this machine of the other diodes in the market: One of the most prominent benefits refers to the location of the laser main unit, in this case, the unit is located inside the mainframe instead of inside the handpiece (traditional diodes) what gives you significant advantages on the treatment: first, the handle is way lighter than the traditional versions, which makes treatments more comfortable for the operator in long periods of time, also is safer , because if you drop the handle you won’t hurt the laser unit, also is more effective since the laser energy is transferred through optical fiber to the target, which significantly increases the energy efficiency, laser life span (up to 50.000.000 pulses) and keeps the heat away from the handpiece making the self-cooling tip more efficient and the treatment more comfortable for the patient.

What is Fiber Coupled Diode (FCD) Technology?

On DIOMAX EVOLVE The FCD laser locates inside the mainframe instead of handpiece. Therefore, laser energy is transferred by fiber to the target, which significantly increases the energy efficiency & handpiece life span. Lighter handpiece makes it more convenient for doctors, while powerful cooling maximizes patients’ comfort.

Why Choose DIOMAX instead of any other brand of Diode Laser?

Regular Diode Laser (Vertical Stack)Fiber Coupled Diode Laser
Heat FluxHighLow
Thermal damage probabilityModerate to HighLow
Working water temperatureWill perform up to 30°Will perform up to 45°
Condensation probabilityHighDoes not condensate
Maintenance requirementFilter/Deionizer to replace every 3-6 months - High costNo Servicable parts - low or no maintenance cost
Lifespan10 -15 Million shots50 Million shots
Warranty1 year (Basic Warranty)2 years (Basic Warranty)

• FDA approved.
• UP to 3 years of warranty (2 included).
• Up to 50 million pulses on the lamp lifetime.
• German-American technology.

FDA Approved

Diomax Evolve Technical Specifications:

Laser TypeFiber Coupled Diode Laser
Wavelength (spectrum)810nm
Laser Power800W
Pulse Width7-600ms
Energy Density1-120J/cm2
Skin TypeI-VI
Operation ModeFast mode; Navigation mode; Free setting
Spot Size12mm*12mm
Cooling TypeSapphire contact cooling
Cooling Temperature≤5°C


Clinical Results

Hair removal

Hair removal

Getting rid of white/ grey/ blond hair with our IPL and laser Systems.

Diomax Evolve works ideally with Procell Therapies.

Supramedical offers the best technology in IPL and laser, and thanks to our partnerships and clinical relations we can offer now an effective way to combine three great products to achieve excellent results in the non-melanin hair removal.

Introducing MELASER: A natural compound of liposome melanin obtained from sepia, able to increase the natural deposits of melanin in pilosebaceous follicles and to dye fine, blond or gray hair to enable its elimination through treatments of laser hair removal or Of pulsed light.

How it works

The process consists of the combination of the solution, micro-needling, and IPL to naturally dye the hair and infuse the follicle with it through our PRO CELL micro-needling system, then apply the IPL treatment and it will affect the follicle as it was dark hair from the beginning.

Melaser Mist




Melaser Mist is the first product for laser destruction of light-colored hair to have a well-designed blinded study showing the destruction of the hair follicle compared to the control site. This study was recently published in 2016 in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology. Melaser Mist is a natural melanin supplement encapsulated in nanosomes (liposomes) to enhance penetration. When combined with micro-needling, Melaser Mist penetrates to the level of the pilosebaceous follicle, temporarily dyeing the hair root and facilitates hair destruction by means of a laser or pulsed light procedure. Supramedical lasers have demonstrated to be the perfect technology to combine with Micro-needling to achieve excellent results in this technique

Mitchell Schwartz MD, FAAD
Certified, American Board of Dermatology
Co-founder of Pro-Cell Therapies


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