LIFE KEEPER: Screen public in minutes and have a safe and productive workplace

This unit is a great solution for viral screening and disinfection, ideal for Walk-in Businesses or public places, indoor and outdoor.

Keeping safe is the key, for that reason we brought to you this new product, LIFE KEEPER is an intelligent temperature measurement and disinfection cabin suitable for all public places that require a safe passage to a common space.

LIFE KEEPER works indoor or outdoor for any business:

• SPA’s
• Salons
• Restaurants
• Hospitals
• Hotels
• Banks
• Shopping Malls
• Supermarkets
• Schools


You will provide a safe work environment for you, your employees, and customers:

Intelligent Facial Recognition (for employees):

It has an embedded system that’s able to manage identity authentication and file storage, also clock’s in and outs and records the temperature of the employee, you can set it to sound alerts if’s not an employee and if out of safe range of temperature.

Digital and smart measurement of body temperature (for outsiders or walk-ins):

It has an accurate and efficient temperature measurement by utilizing the GERMAN HEIMANN thermal imaging sensor. It can measure body temperature without contact on a long-distance, which can effectively avoid cross-infection from body temperature.

Smart washing disinfection:

It’s compatible with any food-grade liquid washing-free disinfectant.

Automatic spraying function:

The intelligent and automatic ultrasonic atomizing disinfection system is equipped with sensors that can spry disinfectant liquid (1-10 micron), it’s the final step for the disinfection process. Non-toxic leaves no residue.


• Size:1300*1100*2200mm
• Weight: 760lbs
• Disinfection Rate: 99%
• Ultra-large capacity liquid tank 35L
• Disinfectant: food-grade disinfectant
• Voltage AC220V (110V with adaptor)
• Digital measurement of body temperature 37.3C (customizable temperature value).
• Human Body induction Mode: human body infrared induction
• Body temperature mode: Thermal temperature testing.
• Body temperature collection distance: 30 to 100 cm
• Body temperature display panel: 5 inches HD Touch Screen
• Body temperature detection Output: the equipment will give an alarm automatically upon abnormal temperature
• Power: 800W
• Noise: Less than 36dB