M-TONE-XL - Supramedical

M-TONE XL: Electro Muscle Stimulation and Contouring Machine.

M-Tone XL is an Electro muscle Stimulation and contouring machine with HIFEM (high-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) which works inducing supramaximal muscle contractions not achievable by voluntary action, when applied, the muscles respond with a deep remodeling of its inner structure, inducing muscle hypertrophy and creation of new protein strands and muscle fibers which will be noticed as an increased muscle density and volume.


• Muscle Contractions (Butt lift, six-pack abs, legs, biceps, triceps).
• Body Shape contouring.


• FDA approved.
• Up to 3 years of warranty (one year included).
• US Made Technology.

FDA Approved

How to use

Six-pack abs


Butt lift

Large rotating touch screen

How it works

M-TONE XL Technical Specifications:

Screen15" Sliding Screen
Pulse Frequency1-150 Hz
Energy Range0-100%
Pulse Width285us
Magnetic Intensity0.4-2.5T
Treatment TimeUp to 60mins
Net Weight31Kgs


Clinical Results

Six-pack abs

Six-pack abs

Butt lift


  • One-on-one personal certified training: on-site or in our offices, available with any machine purchase. (charges may apply).
  • Virtual Certified training is free and available to all our clients purchasing machines.
  • Training courses: Announced one month before the date. Open to the general public. (credentials restrictions may apply).
  • Training On-demand: you say when you needed we just do it. (charges may apply).