Radio Frequency TriPollar Technology

What is it? One of the biggest advances in esthetical medicine made in quite a while! Using a TriPollar system to emit specific radio frequencies to the target area allows the machine to model and contour your body by using a contrloled heat to destroy lipid tissue beneath your skin, improve your tone by increasing the amount and type of collagen produced by your body or even help your body get rid of dissolved fat through your lymphatic system with a quite painless and non-invasive treatment. All this in a very comfortable treatment and with a very low risk of burns (different from the bipolar RF)  

How does it do it? With the use of electrodes, waves of specific frequencies are delivered to the target areas which in turn creates alternating vibrations that cause the fat layer to heat up to between 40 and 41 degrees Celsius; this localized heat, when aimed at the right spot, can toughen up your natural collagen without damaging it (like bipolar RF does), dissolve fatty tissue and makes said fat get dumped out of your body… and don’t worry about the heat, thanks to the way it is aimed and generated, it’s focused under your skin at specific points and intervals so there’s no risk of getting burned.  

TriPollar? What about Bipolar or Monopolar systems? That’s the great thing about TriPolar, it’s got the strengths of both and none of the weaknesses; monopolar creates a weaker signal and bipolar creates a strong signal that’s hard to aim to specific points for treatment, with TriPollar you get pinpoint accuracy to treat an area without risk and a strong enough signal to work fast and efficiently.  

So… how is it done? Before treatment the patient must remove all metallic objects since these can interfere with the signal, then, the skin is thoroughly cleaned, lubricating oil is applied and, finally, the treatment can begin. The treatment in itself is just the technician using the applicator on the area to be treated with gentle and circular movements for an amount of time specified by the type of skin and other characteristics of the treated area. It’s also worth noting that the procedure is completely safe and painless.  

Fast, safe and painless… great! So, what uses does it have? That’s another advantage; it has various applications, all which are highly sought after! It can be used for facial rejuvenation, improve skin tone, body contouring, fat reduction and reducing cellulitis.  

All in all, is it a safe investment? Yeah, pretty much… the machine has a low to average cost compared to similar ones used for these treatments, its low risk and painless, it gives great results quickly and its effects tend to be long lasting so you can pretty much count on a lot of repeat-business and referrals from content customers.  Ah, and don’t forget the TriPollar technology is a proprietary technology own by Pollogen and used in all their products, any other product claiming to be Tripolar will be just a poor imitation without the actual results and benefits.

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