Tattoo be gone!

How to eliminate the tattoo?

“Tattooed regrets” this is one of those things that stopped being a problem some time ago when it was realized that laser technology could be used to get rid of those, previously “permanent” decisions.

Basically, a high-intensity laser beam is targeted at the ink pigments to break them up and make them disappear. The procedure is simple but there is a couple of things you should know:

–          To completely eliminate the tattoo, you’re going to need more than one session. The ink in your skin is going to get lighter and lighter as sessions go on until it just fades away.

–          The time it takes to eliminate the tattoo will vary depending on the color of your skin, colors on the tattoo, the tone and amount of ink used on it and the depth to which the ink was injected into your skin.

–          The place on which the tattoo is located will also influence the time it takes to erase it; areas with better blood flow will heal faster and will allow sessions to be made closer together time-wise.

–          The procedure is somewhat uncomfortable but it doesn’t require anesthesia, it just might sting somewhat less than getting tattooed.

–          You should always have some ice packs and antibiotic ointment handy after each session to avoid infections and help with the swelling.

Before starting the procedure, you’ll be given protective eyewear and the technician will test your skin’s reaction to the laser to be able to set up the machine with the proper settings for your treatment.

So, all in all, you can get rid of that pesky mistake you got done without much hassle in an easy, non-invasive manner but do keep in mind it’s going to take some time to get it done right.

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